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My practice crosses multiple disciplines, and my process is transformative in nature. My use of multiple mediums isn’t a deliberate choice. Sticking to one discipline is quite an attractive prospect to me actually; it would mean less things to try and figure out, and more time left for creating things. But that’s boring. This is a consequence of my belief that; the potency of an idea relies on it being communicated through the most appropriate medium. In a similar sense to how a film would always have core message to it, my work always has a singular idea that I am aiming to communicate. It is this I believe, should dictate what medium my work manifests in.
    Designers inhabit a world that has a rich and diverse vernacular of visual material. A good designer understands the visual materiality of our everyday world. They know how the visual languages we established to comprehend how our world functions. They command this to aid
their communication.  It is this awareness that I try to utilise in my work.

Original work can be made by transforming imagery from any facet of life.

My multidisciplinary practice doesn’t mean resistance to committing to one craft. It is commanding my work’s materiality to be subservient to my goal of potent and clear communication. It demands mental agility; I shift my processes appropriately for every idea. Ultimately, it allows me freedom and an ability to explore any theme or message. In essence, it is effective visual communication.

Ian Nabong is a Multidisciplinary Graphic Designer from Manila,
based in London.

Design Intern
The Team
London (2018)

New Blood Academy

Campaign Designer:
Youth for the Ageless
Age UK
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D&AD New Blood Yellow Pencil:

Member of the International Society of Typographic Designers(2019)